Real User Review of Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise

If you’re reading this page you’re probably interested in finding out more about Michael Cheney and his 7 Figure Franchise program, right?

Thought so.

You see, I know what it’s like to see all these offers online and never really know if they’re legitimate or not.

That’s why I wanted to put together this review as an actual user who got actual results with it AKA money in my paypal account.

First of all, check this out…

In my first 12 hours with the program I was able to get my first $1000 commission.

(I also generated my second $1000 commission with the program just two days later)

But I guess it’s easy for anyone to record a video and say that.

So how about this…

Here’s a screenshot from Michael Cheney’s actual facebook profile where he shows that and this is all verifiable – you can literally go to his facebook page and find it if you scroll back far enough.

And then there’s this…

This is a screenshot I took on my phone from a promotion I did that generated $4,645.50 in commissions during a one hour period:

(Also, those $550 commissions were split payments, so I received another 3x$550 commissions 30 days later on those)

The commissions keep coming in with this program.

Check these out:

Ok …

So if that’s enough proof for you, then you can always get started and join right here:

Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise


If you want to keep reading, I’ll talk a little more about Michael and cover everything that you’re going to get as a 7 Figure Franchise member.


Here goes…

== Who is Michael Cheney? ==

Michael is a family man, competitive cyclist and full time internet marketer for the past 17 years. He lives in Scotland with his wife and two children and uses a simple system to generate upwards of 7 figures per year online.

His first major product launch in the internet marketing space was back in 2006 when he released his Adsense Videos course – a product which went on to sell over $250,000 in a week.

His other launches have collectively generated multiple millions of dollars online.

As someone who’s been doing this for so long, the only way he’s been able to have that kind of longevity in the marketplace is by actually focussing on putting out real products that solve real problems and get real results.

== What is the 7 Figure Franchise? ==

As part of the 7 Figure Franchise, Michael Cheney is going to give you a franchise of his entire $1.1 million per year digital business.

There is a LOT included with a franchise membership so I’m going to break down everything that you get with it below.

The truth is you won’t need to go through all of this at once, and if you’re just interested in being able to generate high ticket commissions, all you need to do is sign up and get your referral link and use that.

You can then go through the rest of the training at your own pace as you start to get a better understanding of how everything fits together.

Much like a car, you don’t need to know what each of the 20,000+ parts does to be able to drive it. Just put your foot on the gas and the car will move.

It’s the same with this. There’s a LOT “under the hood” but you only need one thing to get results from it to begin with – your referral link.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #1 ==

When you become a 7 Figure Franchisee you’ll be able to sell every single one of Michael’s products, while keeping 100% on all the sales. This includes not only the front end products, but also other products in the sales funnel too.

On top of the 100% on all his digital products you’ll be eligible to earn $1000 commissions on any franchise sales that are purchased by your customers.

The great thing is that Michael is going to work with each customer you send him and try to convert those into a $1000 commission for you without any extra effort on your part.

For example, you could send him a customer to his $19.95 Commission Machine product.

That customer could also purchase the first $197 upgrade, and the second $97 upgrade (earning you an instant $313.95 in commissions from a ~$20 buyer), but then you could also earn an additional $1000 commission if/when that customer goes through the automated follow up sequence for the franchise offer.

In total, that single $19.95 customer could be worth up to $1313.95 in commissions for you.

Not bad, right?

And that’s just ONE component of the 7 Figure Franchise membership.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #2 ==

You’re ALSO going to get the rights to copy and paste every single email promotion that Michael has done, and any future promotion he does.

Every single month you’ll be getting 80-90 done for you emails that you simply copy and paste (even on facebook) and you can use them to promote any product you like – including the products in the franchise membership.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #3 ==

As well as all of these you’re going to get the recordings of an exclusive ‘closed door’ event where Michael revealed everything he does to generate over a million dollars per year online.

People flew in from all over the world to attend this, spending thousands of dollars just to get access to it.

You get it for free when you become a 7 Figure Franchisee.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn in this workshop:

* A proven “battleplan” to quickly accelerate your business to six figures a year.

* Personal, private and never-before-taught methods for getting ahead in business, becoming instantly super-organized and more effective.

* The closely-guarded, multi-million dollar launch strategy which has hundreds of affiliates begging you to promote.

* How to become an “ultra affiliate” making thousands of dollars on every promotion, winning leaderboards and attracting an army of super-rabid fans in the process.

* The “next level” strategies to maximize revenue from every prospect, customer and buyer.

* Advanced list- and email-marketing methods to get thousands more dollars for the same effort.

* The battle-tested method for creating sales letters and funnels which consistently bring in big bucks, get tons of buyers and have affiliates mailing like crazy for you.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #4 ==

Michael’s also going to show you the single best way to go from zero to $10,000 a month (even if you have NO experience)

* A little-known secret method to double your profits every week with almost no extra work.

* A mind-numbingly easy tactic used to make $3000 in one day with a last minute brainfart idea which cost nothing.

* How to make TEN TIMES what your boss makes working just 4 hours a day.

* The #1 most-important, yet overlooked, factor which determines your “rich-ness” level online.

* The secret symbol you need to draw on a whiteboard which makes you more money than any internet tactic.

* The very first step to becoming an internet millionaire which 99% of people miss out completely and fail as a result.

* Your blow-by-blow exclusive peek into the typical day of an internet millionaire.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #5 ==

Michael’s also going to give you free access to all the digital products he’s ever created, and any products he releases this year too.

That’s at least $5000 worth of free programs and training that you’re getting for free when you become a 7 Figure Franchise member

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #6 ==

Your first 1000 visitors free.

Michael is going to show you quick and easy ways to get thousands of targeted visitors for free. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website, you’ll be able to send these visitors to your franchise links and get paid 100% instant commissions on everything.

== 7 Figure Franchise Benefit #7 ==

Finally you’re going to get personal access to Michael himself with 30 days of free coaching. Michael charges $1000 an hour for consultancy but you’ll get 30 days for free as a 7 Figure Franchise member.


That’s a lot, right?

The truth is that there’s even more than what I’ve listed on this page.

To see EVERYTHING that you’ll get, and also see reviews and results from real members just like you, make sure to check this link out now:

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