7 Figure Franchise Reviews – Over $1 million paid out so far…

Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise program has been one of the hottest talked about programs of the past year.

The Seven Figure Franchise has made over a million bucks in income to date, and the sales just keep coming in.

This success can be attributed to many reasons, but the whole thing is primarily due to the fact that Michael made it an initiative to sell the product on his own.

Michael’s approach is to sell information that will help people better their state of finances, rather than create PLR that is intended solely to be resold to online vendors.

True enough, it is necessary for his products to convert and deliver helpful information if they were to continually bring him profits.

His products have now become the basis for the Seven Figure Franchise, and his customers have been making a killing from merely giving these products promotion.

Franchise Component 1

The 7 Figure Franchise holds plenty of benefits, one of which is the fact that this program earns its members $1000 in commissions, thanks to high ticket upsells integrated into each funnel.

What Michael had in mind in this matter is to make the whole thing as beginner-friendly as he possibly can.

High ticket programs often have information that will teach you just what to do to achieve this. But most people can’t do that. With that in mind, Michael’s program is designed to provide you with proven material so you can almost immediately make money.

This program maximizes your profit through an array of evergreen funnels, all of which are designed such that whoever wishes to know more about the Seven Figure Franchise is subjected to an email sequence spanning nine weeks.

Franchise Component 2

If you are a franchisee in the Seven Figure Franchise, you get to promote Michael’s products, and then keep the full profit in your PayPal account. You don’t need to promote all of these products either, as you can, by all means, just market one product, and Michael will take care of the rest.

Franchise Component 3

The Seven Figure Franchise does not end in mere entrepreneurial opportunity; it will also come with training where Michael will detail how to make a million bucks in a year.

Recorded at a private workshop in Scotland, this 2 day event reveals just how Michael has built a 7 figure business that still allows him the freedom to spend time with his family, walking his dog, or training for competitive cycling events.

Michael will show you how to make a seven digit income within five to six hours, and not over 50 hours a week as others would love to suggest.

Franchise Component 4

You will access all of Michael’s available offers. This might not be much until you realize that each of these can easily cost five thousand bucks. Additionally, Michael will provide you access to all of his digital products if you join the Seven Figure Franchise.

Most franchisees get nothing more than this, but the value is nothing compared to the initial payment that they have made.

I should give you a warning though… Each of Michael’s products is jam-packed with information, and you can easily overwhelm yourself as you go through one.

The Getting Started training feature is very handy for people who are new to the business of online marketing. This training will give you enough knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to products that you will soon receive.

Franchise Component 5

The first thousand of your visitors will not cost you.

Now how would you make money with these products if there’s no one to buy them? This is something that traffic will take care of, and it’s sad that many who are new to the Seven Figure Franchise are stuck trying to drive it. It’s a sad fact that many have given up on Internet marketing thanks mainly to the inability to get their hands on high quality targeted traffic.

In order to help you make money as soon as you could, you will be provided exclusive access to Michael’s traffic training that will get you your first set of one thousand visitors without spending a dime.

Shortly after you have started with this training, you will be able to employ the traffic generation strategies that you have learned and make some profit on the same day. (This is not absolute, however, as it is still your speed in the training that will dictate the amount of time that will pass before you can actually start making money).

Franchise Component 6

Michael will provide personal assistance.

Michael knows that there are going to be people from all kinds of experience levels joining the 7 figure franchise and some people are going to need more help than others.

A 30-day consultancy with Michael is thus set up to address this before it becomes a problem. This is an opportunity for you to seek advice from Michael himself, and be able to focus on the best strategies that will help you get the best results in the quickest manner.

A dedicated support team will supplant Michael’s consultancy past this 30-day period, and they will provide you with all the help you need as you go forward with the program.

Franchise Component 7

The following are the other benefits that you’ll be enjoying in this program:

– Free traffic from traffic expert.

Michael’s traffic expert will do the heavy lifting for you for one hour, giving your traffic a boost and putting your business on top of the search results.

– Get Facebook traffic fast.

You will see a demonstration of the strategies Michael used to earn more than $171,000, and this uses FB traffic. His previous clients have paid as much as $5860 for this.

– Traffic that will earn you money.

You’re also going to discover the fastest and most lucrative ways to drive free traffic that buys. You will only have to follow the recommendations in the included training videos.

Franchise Component 8

Many people have been asking whether or not they will need the usual tools, e. g. autoresponders, videos, websites, ads, and the like to make money with the 7 Figure Franchise.

What we’ll tell you lies in between “yes” and “no.”

First off, they’re not really that needed for this program. Michael will pretty much take care of whatever you will be needing.

It is, however, wise to build a list; this will help you drive traffic to your own pages, and then to Michael’s where you will make money.

Soon after you have completed your list, you will need to send out emails to your contacts so you can get them to buy into the offers and make you some commissions.

All these have been covered by Michael as well, and you will basically receive license to employ the email campaigns that he has used in the past, as well as those he is using and are yet to deploy.

The campaigns in question have proved themselves in the past, earning Michael over $6 million, and you can use these for marketing third party products.

7 Figure Franchise Guarantee

For the 7 Figure Franchise, Michael is going to include double your regular money back guarantee. What this means is that, should you not get results after following the training, you will get the money you paid twice over.

The catch, however, is that you will have to have invested some effort into the program, and you can’t just not do anything and demand your guarantee.

Arguably, it takes balls to put a double money back guarantee on an information product, and is almost unheard of elsewhere.

The only reason Michael can offer this is that he knows just how well it works. This confidence is something that can easily be proven by the various documentations from many of the program’s current members, as well as the payouts handed over to Michael’s affiliates.

That you’d still get paid even if the program has not benefited you is perhaps the worst thing that could happen when trying out this program. In this program, it’s either you get to earn money, or you get paid back twice if this program does not lead you to success. Can’t be fairer than that, right?

7 Figure Franchise Bonuses

While Michael is going to be offering a great deal of training for you, there are other members of the franchise that are also promoting it and some will offer bonuses.

You ought to grab those bonuses and enjoy their benefits while you can, as this can easily add value to what you paid for.

It is wise, however, to be wary when going for certain bonuses. It sure is not smart to get more for the sake of getting more. You might end up wasting hard drive space if you are not careful enough with your choices. It could be worse, though, s you will probably end up overwhelmed with information and you end up not following the franchise.

When deciding on a bonus package from a 7 figure franchisee, you want to find something that’s going to complement and enhance the package that you’re getting from Michael.

There’s a great example of a bonus package for new 7 figure franchise members that does just that here.

Get Started With 7 Figure Franchise

The Seven Figure Franchise is exclusively an invite-only affair. Otherwise, you will have to request to join a long waiting list via the program’s home page 7figurefranchise.net.

Seven Figure Franchise’s sale price is $4,997, and you won’t find that displayed anywhere. But order from the bonus page above and not only will you get the $7,129 in bonuses, you’ll also get the discounted price of $1997 (or two payments of $1100) to save you $3,000 on that public price.

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